Story Of The Struggle Kid. .

"Its never too late to be a legend"

The one who saw things thru a different lense. A dreamer. Rebel. Activist to a degree. Givin' you all of me as best as I can...even when I dont have all the answers myself. . .

Bein' a motivational symbol as an artist as well as an individual thru music, words, or resources is the most important. Along the way I picked up skills in the area of videography and photography on top of rap/hiphop. (Producin' in the works just to say I did it HA!)


The story starts off. . . 

as a young kid from Rock Island just two hours outside of Chicago where after just months old, little me, my moms, pops and older brother headed south to the city of Atlanta. My mama's side of the family who Im linked to more, comes from the southside where people try to skate from due to everyday crime and deaths. Bein' heavy into sports gave us a space to stay trouble free and a certain drive; which also separated us outside of age. Moms  was always self-reliant and went to get it by any means man or no man..thats why I admired her crazy ass. She displayed nothin but tough love off the strength of wantin' to see us shine wit a bright future...but that never clicked til later. Divorced soon after I was born and jugglin' a few "Mr. Right's" or right for the moment, she had to compensate for basically bein' a single parent. I gravitated to the music the most cause I felt that was all I had most of the time. So as I catch myself. . .


thats all I want to eat, sleep, shit, breathe and feel to essentially connect wit those who express it just the            same. Regardless of the short time spent in the Midwest and travel time state to state, still it played a key role in my upbringing. The journey continues here. Love from the A!  

Reminiscin'. . .
Louis J.,
    The Owner

Our Purpose

Here at Day Ones we believe the mission is more than just expression thru music and apparel but to lead in unity, loyalty and love as an individual but also as a community. So when you see them thats you, just like it sounds, "from the start. "


"Every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up, it knows it must out run the fastest lion to survive. 

Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up, it knows it must outrun the slowest Gazelle, or it will starve. Whether you're a lion or Gazelle, When the sun comes up you'd better be runnin'!-


African proverb